One click CAD to Virtual Reality for Architects

Be the architect of tomorrow - experience your designs now.

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For the Architects of Tomorrow. Experience your designs now.

1-click CAD to Virtual Reality for Architects.

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River Fox how it works

Bring your projects into VR - just one click away


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Download and Install the latest River Fox

Once you have River Fox installed, open a project in Revit (2015 - 2019) to view in VR. Or, you can import .Obj and .FBX files directly.


Ready to explore your designs in Virtual Reality

Connect your VR headset and you're ready to experience your design in real time and in real scale!

What you can do with River Fox

Visualize your designs.

Easy to use VR with intuitive controls.

Instantly view your models in real time with 1 click CAD to VR.

Truly experience your space by manipulating sun settings in time and date, see new perspectives with live sectioning and change display quality in visual settings.

Analyze the model.

No more second-guessing what you're looking at.

With River Fox you have the information at your finger tips.

Inspect an object on scene to get element information, quickly measure between two points instead of digging through floor sheets and toggle layers on/off to get to the relevant details.

Don't just explain it, show it.

Communicate your design ideas by sharing an experience.

No matter who you're working with, River Fox has tools to help you get your point of view across. You can work across teams to review a model by noting down areas of concern with the camera and annotations tool.

Streamline your client presentation by setting up short cuts with Points of Interest (POI).

River Fox works with:

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