Experience your models in virtual reality WITH

River Fox

One Click BIM to VR Tool For Architects.

Watch video to see how River Fox works.

Experience your models in virtual reality WITH

River Fox

One Click CAD to VR Tool For Architects.

How does River Fox work?

Instantly bring your 3D models into VR.

Bring your designs to life- convert your models into VR with just one click.

Complete immersive experience allows you to manipulate sun settings through time and date, see new perspectives in sectioning and control visual settings in render settings.

Directly access the BIM information within VR.

Don't guess what you're looking at- bring BIM information straight into VR.

Inspect an object while in VR to get accurate element information instead of digging through floor sheets.

River Fox also allows you to measure distance between two points and toggle layers on/off to get to quickly show the structure of the building.

Show the model in a real-time walk through.

Communicate effectively through a virtual experience.

River Fox gives you the tools to put forward design ideas- show them exactly what it will look and feel like.

Work across teams to review a project - make sure everyone is on the same page, note down areas of concern with the annotations tool and share what you see with the camera tool.

Streamline your client presentation by setting up short cuts with Points of Interest (POI).

3 steps to get started in River Fox.

Bring your projects into VR and start experiencing design.

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Ready to Explore and Present your designs in VR with River Fox.

Install River Fox and open up a project in VR with just ONE click. Put on your headset and you're ready to go in VR!

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