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Communicate your
designs in real-time.

Visualize your CAD files in VR within seconds. Communicate with stakeholders easily with scale-accurate, on-demand walkthroughs and reviews.

Sync directly from Revit to River Fox and step inside your designs.



1-click CAD to Virtual Reality

Since stepping inside VR for the first time, we've dreamed of a future in which unbuilt spaces are at everyones digital fingertips, and pondered how this will empower those designing them.

Lets build the future!


Hit sync and review your space. River Fox is designed to be an easy and smooth VR experience, just slip the headset on and you're good to go.

Visualize your spaces across time and date changes, live sectioning, or pull it all back to White card mode.


A range of tools are at your disposal on Desktop and in VR such as Measure, Layers, and Inspect to analyze BIM data in-situ and make faster decisions.


Use VR and Desktop viewers in tandem to communicate your designs to stakeholders, create and export annotations + snapshots for use in presentations or meetings.

How does it work?


Download and install River Fox, it will handle the plugin installation and then you’re good to go.

Sync from Revit

River Fox is designed to sync directly from within Revit. Once you initiate sync from the custom menu, River Fox will launch and you’re ready to begin experiencing.

Experience your design

Walk your team through the project, leave markers and add notes. Experience the design in a pure, unobstructed way and get your point across more easily.

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