Visualise in River Fox - Instant BIM to VR.

Bring your ideas to life in one click.

Explore your designs like never before.

Bring your models into Virtual Reality with River Fox

1-click BIM to VR software.

No matter what BIM software you use, River Fox can instantly convert any project into a fully immersive VR scene - all with just one click of a button.

Save yourself and your team an astronomical amount of time with intuitive, real-time desktop walkthroughs. Reduce revisions and last minute amendments with powerful VR client presentation and communication tools. Now you can win bigger projects with ease by having a visual edge and leave your clients with an experience they won't forget.

River Fox is easy to get set up and requires no additional in-app modeling which means you will be running your first VR presentation in no time. Watch the video to learn more.

Explore your designs intuitively

Create walk-throughs in real time on desktop or fully immersed in VR.

Present ideas with ease

Dual viewport functionality to interact or control the VR user from the desktop.

How River Fox works

3 easy steps into VR.

Model in your BIM program.

Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Navisworks and more.

Import files into River Fox.

Revit plugin and compatible with .Obj and .FBX file types.

Instantly view model in real time and in VR.

Real time desktop walkthrough and VR presentation tools.

Case Studies

What architects are saying about River Fox.

"Presenting our concepts to clients in VR really elevates their engagement and makes them say "Wow!". Placing them in the design at scale allows them to give us useful feedback much earlier in the process, meaning less rework and a happier customer."

"River Fox allows me to perform quick explorations of my designs so I always understand what the spaces will be like and can work towards the very best results. VR lets me explore design alternatives with ease and present them to clients, truly immersing them in our vision."

"VR brings our design to a more approachable environment for builders. Providing an experience at proper scales helps builders to gain confidence about the space and its cost. River Fox allows us to generate the design quickly into VR, delivering a reliable visualisation on-demand for builders, client and our team."

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