River Fox 2019.2 is now available!

Bringing new VR features, Revit 2020 support, and many more improvements and fixes.

Greetings all,

We’re pleased to announce that the latest release of River Fox, 2019.2, is ready and available via update next time you launch the app. For this release we’ve focused especially on the user experience within VR, completely rewriting our VR camera to allow for new locomotion methods and with an emphasis on comfort.

This release also brings in support for Revit 2020 (which will be an option to install during the update), improvements to our material material conversion, visual styles, and general tool useability. We have also taken the time to delve deep on performance, looking at how your scenes are typically constructed and what is important for comfort. This is the first wave of optimisations in this front, and we’re already seeing up to 30% increased frame rate in most circumstances, and we plan to build upon this in following releases.

Other features & improvements of this release:

  • Revit 2020 addin support.
  • Brand new implementation of VR Camera! Brining new teleport style, smooth movement and rotation. This helps keep users connected between spaces, however, can be toggled off under the 'Scale' menu.
  • Smoother Dollhouse experience now allows movement with a single grip + rotation and scale when both are held.
  • VR options: Smooth move or snap, arc teleporter or straight, height adjustment added.
  • New high-resolution controller models for Oculus Rift and Rift S, HTC Vive, and WMR headsets. Controllers how have button glow for those with functionality.
  • New controller tool-tips for VR that swap message based on the tool active.
  • Improved VR menu labels and hover feedback.
  • Clay mode visual improvements and filters to only apply Clay to architecture elements only.
  • Section Tool now snaps to the Up-axis and has a larger, less intrusive grid.
  • Camera Tool is now a point-and-shoot style interaction. Thumbstick to zoom.
  • Increased the VR rendering distance to 1000m.
  • Implemented new rendering optimisations. 30% increase in performance in typical conditions.
  • Improved Ambient Light mode by adjusting camera exposure, instead of altering materials. Appears less washed out.
  • VR users now move to the View location and rotation to match where the View was saved.
  • Spacebar now toggles Walk and Fly on Desktop.
  • Walk mode on Desktop has been improved to prevent getting stuck or jittering when in tight spaces.
  • Dozens of bugs squashed!

River Fox 2019.2 will be available to download next time you launch the app. We're eager to hear your thoughts, please send any feedback or support requests to support@inspacexr.com

Happy VR'ing!

Eric Fear


Co-founder & CPO

October 17, 2018
 minutes read
Posted in: 
River Fox

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