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What's New.

River Fox 1.0.0 - Launch Update - April 30, 2018 

River Fox is now Live and we're excited for your feedback! Grab the latest download above and start your trial today!

- Revit addin: material conversion has been updated to include glossiness and bump propertie.

- Windows MR: added initial support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. (We've been testing on the Samsung Odyssey, would love to hear from anyone with the other headsets!)

- Licencing panel is more descriptive of the licence state, any errors or messages are now more specific and verbose.

- Updates to Oculus and Steam VR SDK versions.

River Fox BETA - April 18, 2018 

- Updates to the Licencing panel, more descriptive labels and simplified Trial flow.

- Construction phases: Users can now have multiple phases visible at once for comparisons or clash visualisation. Phases also manage their own content within Layers, meaning a hidden Layer in Phase A, will be correclty hidden in Phase B, and so on.

- General bug fixes and polish

River Fox BETA - April 9, 2018 

-  Added improved Vive support. Vive users should now see the VR spectator view whenever the HMD is active, otherwise it will handle going to sleep correctly.

- Construction phases are now a feature under the "Layers" tab. Any Phases found within Revit will be available here, with assosicated Layers and available to show/hide.

- General bug fixes and polish

River Fox BETA Launch - April 3, 2018

River Fox officially launched in Beta today. Those who completed the BETA Signup form or Oculus giveaway will be receiving invites over the next 3 weeks. If you missed out on the sign-up and want to get in, please email us at