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What is XR in Real Estate?

As technology advances so does our ability to communicate and present ideas more effectively.

XR refers to virtual and augmented reality technology that enable property companies to impressively visualise data.

Design accurately with precision.
Build with less construction errors.
Sell property faster and more effectively.

The VR experience created by Inspace XR was of such high quality it felt like you were actually in the development. The ability to navigate through the space meant that prospective purchasers could see how the four different project elements would be connected together to create the final product.

Faye Alexander, Sales & Investments at JLL

How does virtual reality impact the value chain?


Fly-through videos, high quality renders, and 360 tours packaged into one VR experience as part of a developers' marketing strategy.


By bringing the property display suite to the buyer, VR brings efficiency to the sales process. Reducing time spent traveling, and better qualifying your leads.


People don't think in floorplans, making the property purchasing decision a tough and drawn-out process.

Allow prospective buyers to see and feel their dream home, helping them to make quicker buying decisions.

VR Production for Sales, Leasing, Marketing.

Before a brick is even laid use powerful VR experiences to walk through your property.

Training, Installation, and Support.

We're with you at every step, from content to onboarding your sales people, Inspace takes care of the entire solution.

XR Hardware Consulting.

What hardware is best for your business? Are you going using XR in a display suite or take the display suite to your buyer? Let's find out together.

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How will Virtual Reality impact your property?

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